Temporary Baggage Storage Terms

1. Items Not Eligible for Storage
(1) Cash, valuables, securities, passports, and other items deemed valuable.
(2) Remains, memorial tablets, and all forms of art.
(3) Animals, plants, and seafood.
(4) Volatile, explosive, and hazardous materials, as well as chemicals.
(5) Firearms, swords, and items with potential criminal uses.
(6) Items emitting strong odors, perishable or easily deteriorating items, and unsanitary items.
(7) Items prohibited for possession and carriage by law.
(8) Perishable items requiring refrigeration.
(9) Other items deemed unsuitable for storage.
2. Storage Fees
¥800 per item per day (size is not a factor). Free access for deposit and retrieval.
3. Storage Period
From deposit until 7:00 PM on the same day.
* If the storage period is exceeded on the same day, an additional fee for one session will be applied. Subsequent fees will be the same.
4. Handling of Items After Storage Period
If no contact is made beyond the storage period, the items will be kept for 7 days from the deposit date.
However, this case will also be subject to the provisions of these terms.
5. Handling of Non-Eligible Items
During and after the storage period, if there is suspicion that the deposited items fall under Section 1 (Items Not Eligible for Storage), we may take appropriate actions such as opening, disposing of, or handling the items.
6. Unclaimed Items
Items unclaimed after 7 days will be subject to designated procedures by us, and the resulting funds will be used to cover storage fees and other costs.
7. Liability in Case of Accidents
We shall not be held responsible for the following situations, even if they result in loss or damage to the deposited items:
(1) Loss or damage to items listed in Section 1 (Items Not Eligible for Storage).
(2) Cases of force majeure such as natural disasters.
(3) Instances where items are confiscated or requested as evidence by relevant authorities due to legal action.
(4) Loss or damage caused by the unlawful acts of third parties.
(5) Any other cases where responsibility cannot be attributed to us.